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About Us

First Choice Insurance Consulting, or FCIC, has many years of experience in the insurance industry, more particularly, Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Working with companies such as AIG, ACE, GE Cybercomp, AM Trust, Zenith, Hartford, Travelers, Tower Insurance, Accident Fund, American Interstate, Missouri Employers Mutual, Liberty Mutual, Virginia Surety, Zurich, and many, many more, FCIC constantly keeps a finger on the pulse of workman’s compensation insurance everywhere. With access to such a large array of carriers, FCIC is able to obtain quotes from nearly every carrier in the marketplace. In short, your company can fill out ONE application, fax to ONE agency, work with ONE insurance agent, and obtain in excess of 20 quotes from “A” rated carriers nationwide, for your workman’s compensation insurance.
How We Work

What We Can Do For You

We don’t wait for renewal to save you more money: We understand the necessity for the lowest bottom line cost regardless of timing. That’s why we continually entertain new business quotes with new carriers in the market place. We will “shop” your insurance needs for you throughout the policy year, not just at renewal. With an ever increasingly competitive insurance market, carriers, and their rates constantly change. The carrier who was most competitive in July may not be the most competitive in November.

Most certificate requests are processed within 15 minutes. So you will never have an employee stranded waiting to go to work for you because you haven’t provided the company or homeowner with the certificate they require for you to perform your work. Or be waiting to get paid because they have not received your proof of insurance.

FCIC will track your subcontractors and owner operators’ certificates for you so you will not be hit with a large bill at audit for someone else’s insurance. Just simply provide a copy of the certificate of insurance or the subcontractor’s company name, policy number, and carrier name to FCIC and we will request current proof of insurance/certificates, and periodically check back with the insurance carrier to make sure their insurance does not lapse.

Why Choose Us

FCIC is currently working hand in hand with two different claims auditing services providing such things as Experience Modification review, claims auditing, and safety manuals tailor made for your specific industry and company.

FCIC will always put your bottom line before its own: FCIC has a large arsenal of carriers, all with substantially different commission schedules, some paying more than others. But when it comes to placing your insurance needs, FCIC does what most insurance agencies won’t. We will place your insurance with the “A” rated carrier with the lowest annual expense, regardless of what our commission may be. We here at FCIC take great pride in being upfront, honest and genuine people. We know that if we have the honor of earning your business this year, and we do not meet and exceed the highest level of expectations, we will lose your business to another company in subsequent years.